Sheepsquatch by John Weaver

One of the more peculiar cryptids is the sheepsquatch, which I write about in Monsters of West Virginia. The sheepsquatch is about the size of a bear with woolly white hair, and its front paws are more like hands, similar to those of a raccoon but much bigger.  The tail is long and without hair.  The head features a dog-like snout and single-point horns like those of a young goat.  It carries a pungent sulphur smell.

Few people have ever heard of sheepsquatch, but, like Sasquatch or Bigfoot, it seems to be everywhere.  Carl Elving writes in about his own encounters in Alaska.  Carl lives near Willow, about 70 miles north of Anchorage, in an area filled with lakes and swamps.

This sheepsquatch sounds like something I heard out in the back woods a few years back. It sounded like an owl at first, then a cougar, and then it sounded like a bear howling. Grizzlies make this sound when afraid, deep bass and it shakes your lungs or you can feel it in your body, the deep sound of a large animal able to make such a powerful sound.  My neighbor’s Rottweiler cross breed mean dogs were not afraid of any creatures, bears or man, but this creature caused them to hide under his cabin and whimper.  I was afraid.  I got out me gun and waited.  I thought maybe perhaps one of the other neighbors had one of those game callers hooked up to a surround sound system with two-foot speakers, but I thought HOW would they haul such a contraption out into the back swamp and power it without a generator?  The sound it made caused me to shut off the TV news.  From inside my house is where I heard it at first, then I went outside and that was the scary part. I had a feeling it had psychic powers or could sense my thoughts. The creature, I never saw it.  It left tracks.  I checked that out in the daylight.  It walked on two legs with split hoofs like a moose track but was not a moose. 

 Last winter I was out gathering dry dead cotton wood aspen for the fire wood stove.   I found what I thought was cotton wood cotton on a tree limb.  It was white like cotton wood fluff, but as I grabbed the wad it had a poke at me.  It was white long hair, but there were QUILLS like a porcupine in the hair. I know porcupines, and these were not porcupine quills, and they do not have hair, usually not even pure white.  But the outer tips of this hair were brown.  The hairs were five feet up a tree, so it had to be that tall or taller.  I imagined it was only the hairs off its belly.  That’s the scary part, I think this creature is HUGE. 

 I have seen an odd cat.  It had a head the size of the largest pit bull on the planet, but it was pitch black.  I had a feeling I was being watched.  I flashed my light and it had nocturnal black large eyes, like nocturnal animals in South America, big for seeing in the dark.  There is no cat I have found that looks like this one.  Also, many people report seeing a lanky moose-type creature that runs sloppy like a black bear with very long legs.  We have had also many UFO sightings. 

It is not unusual for hot zones of cryptid sightings to also feature frequent UFO sightings.  What is sheepsquatch?  Possibly Djinn, but otherwise a dweller in a parallel dimension to earth.