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About Shadow People

September 30, 2016


I receive many emails every week from people asking the same questions about Shadow People, especially how to get rid of them. Due to the time involved, I am not able to answer most emails individually, and on a repetition basis. Many cases are quite complex and require considerable time to unravel. To provide as much information as possible to the greatest number of people, I have published quite a bit of material on Shadow People, and I refer individuals to those sources first. This article outlines common characteristics and my additional sources.

After studying more than 1000 reports of Shadow People since 2004, I have concluded that they are a form taken by Djinn.  They have variations in appearances and behavior, and operate with different motives, depending on the situation.  They are not cookie-cutter uniform beings, but are highly intelligent.  Some visit and observe and lurk. Others act in aggressive ways. Some vanish as soon as they are seen. Others exhibit bolder behavior.

Some look like solid, tall silhouettes of men wearing coats or capes and often with hats of varying styles and sizes. Some have hoods. Some have no head coverings. Some are black pillars or ambiguous shapes. They move through walls and solid objects and can disappear in an instant.

There are no one-size-fits-all, universal remedies for Shadow People, and especially no instant fixes. There are a variety of remedies that do work, some temporarily, some with more lasting effects, all depending on the unique factors of each situation. In cases of persistent and ongoing visitations, the primary experiencer must learn how to buffer up their own defenses — exorcists, “clearers” and others will probably not be able to do the job for them on a permanent basis.

First, one must determine why repeated Shadow People visitations are occurring, and what their relationship is to any other phenomena going on concurrently. Some SPs are attached to land, so the experiences may last only while you occupy a particular place. Some SPs are attached to people. Among the reasons why: there is something in a person’s natural aura/energy field that attracts the entity; the person is undergoing a great deal of emotional trauma; there is a relationship to ET experiences and abductions; there may be past-life reasons. Entities who visit during periods of emotional upheaval will sometimes go away when emotional balance is restored. Issues with a person’s auras may benefit from help from energy healers, shamanic practitioners, acupuncturists, and medical qi gong experts (if you are unfamiliar with medical qi gong, use an internet search engine to find information).

Some SPs are temporary drop-ins, for unknown reasons. They show up for a period of time, as thought they want to monitor and observe, and then go away. Some will go away for long periods of time, and then return.

If Shadow People are primarily attached to land, they may not go away permanently. If ET experiences are involved, experts in that field may be of help. If there are past-life reasons, regression may help. Curses, including from past lives, may benefit from regression and spiritual help to resolve the issue.

Primary focal point persons (the ones who usually see and experience SPs the most) often have a life history of experiencing some sort of paranormal phenomena wherever they go. They have a natural energy affinity to the spirit realms, and have to learn how to manage their own energy fields. This can be done through meditation, spiritual study, energy healing training and techniques learned from experts.

Shadow People visits can be frightening, and that is exactly what they seek to accomplish: the generation of fear. Some may have their own reasons for doing so, others may be able to vampirize the life force energy generated by fear. The more a person is afraid, the worse the situation gets. Conquering fear is sometimes the most important factor in overcoming harassment.

Topical remedies can alleviate some phenomena, but not necessarily permanently. Some SPs are deterred by lights and televisions remaining on at night, others by prayer, angry dismissals, religious amulets, and iron, sea salt, and black stones/crystals placed about. Sometimes topical remedies work for a while and then stop because the primary reason why the SP is there in the first place has not been addressed, and it has adapted to the remedies. Saging is nice to clear astral cobwebs out of an environment, but has little to no effect on tough cases involving entities who are well attached and determined.

Religious remedies sometimes help a great deal and sometimes make a situation worse. All religions have effective exorcisms, but none have any that work in 100 percent of cases 100 percent of the time. Some religious exorcists do not take the time to ascertain why the entity is there in the first place.  Some of them want to load up the victim with dogma and guilt.

If you are experiencing persistent visitations that cannot be explained naturally, and are unpleasant, find as a starting point experts in your area from the energy healing, alternative medicine, and metaphysical communities.  Some paranormal groups have members who have the right backgrounds. Consider psychics, mediums and religious authorities, also with the right backgrounds (a thorough understanding of the spiritual world). How do you find them? Word of mouth, the internet, metaphysical stores, bookshops, and publications. It may take a while to find the person/persons who can help the most.  Like getting a medical diagnosis, it may be useful to get several opinions before you decide on a course of action. Please note, I do not make referrals.

I have published quite a bit of material on Shadow People in these books, The Djinn Connection andGuide to the Dark Side of the Paranormal. They are available in hard print and e-book formats in the shop on this website.

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