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Dreamwork for Visionary Living $17.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Visionary Living, Inc., 2014, paperback, 240 pgs.

Dreams have the power to transform your life, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. Dreamwork for Visionary Living is more than a guide to understanding your dreams—it is a practical guide to pro-active dreaming, using your dreams in targeted ways to improve every facet of your life.

Dream expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley draws upon techniques and wisdom from ancient times to the present, giving special emphasis to dreams that transcend ordinary reality and address our biggest spiritual questions: who we are, why we are here, where we are going, and what life’s journey means.

With Dreamwork for Visionary Living, you will learn about…

  • Psychic dreaming
  • Lucid and out-of-body dreaming
  • Dreams that heal
  • Dreams that usher in major turning points and change
  • Creative breakthrough dreams
  • Dreams that reach into the spiritual realms
  • And much more!


The book features 37 innovative dream labs, easy and practical ways to apply pro-active dreaming to any aspect of daily and spiritual life. Take charge of your dreams and take charge of your life!

Haunted Cover_KDP

Haunted By The Things You Love $24.95
By John Zaffis and Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Visionary Living, Inc., 2014, paperback, 198 pgs.

Books are autographed by both John Zaffis and Rosemary Ellen Guiley

E-Book $9.99

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Every day, people innocently acquire ordinary personal and household items that secretly come with spirit attachments, demonic forces, residues of the dead, and curses. They are shocked when the haunted objects create a paranormal nightmare.

For decades, John Zaffis, star of Haunted Collector on SyFy, has helped victims of terrifying spirit invasions that began with dolls, toys, clothing, games, art, antiques, furniture, jewelry, and musical instruments. His Museum of the Paranormal houses the strangest collection of haunted items on the planet.

In these pages, John Zaffis and Rosemary Ellen Guiley, the two biggest names in paranormal expertise, examine John’s most frightening cases of haunted objects. These stories will make you think twice about every single item you own.

John Zaffis is not only a living legend in the paranormal field, he is also the go-to guy when others need guidance and assistance. His vast collection of haunted artifacts is a testament to over 40 years of helping people whose lives are in turmoil because of supernatural activity. I am blessed to call John my colleague and my friend.

—Chip Coffey, psychic/medium from TV’s Paranormal State and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal


Rosemary Ellen Guiley and John Zaffis co-wrote a book? It doesn’t get any better than this. Possessed mirrors, bizarre ritual masks, a haunted deathbed, cursed jewelry, and everybody’s favorite, creepy clown dolls, inhabit the pages like ghosts and should haunt your memory long after you’ve finished the book.

—Mark Nesbitt, author of the Ghosts of Gettysburg series, Civil War Ghost Trails, and with Katherine Ramsland, the Haunted Crime Scenes series.


John Zaffis has accrued a vast array of fascinating objects, each with a cryptic history all its own. They have been kept under lock and key in a museum with no equal. Now the reader may share the experience from a safe distance, in the pages of this extraordinary volume.

—Andrea Perron, author, House of Darkness House of Light, and a principal in the haunting portrayed in the film The Conjuring

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The Art of Black Mirror Scrying — $12.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Visionary Living, Inc., 2014, paperback, 164 pgs.

E-book on Kindle — $4.99.

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The black mirror is a powerful divinatory and visioning tool, revered for centuries for its ability to penetrate the veil between worlds. Mirror gazing, or scrying, is an ancient art for making contact with the dead, opening the gates to the angelic realm, seeing into the future and past, and seeing distant locations. All kinds of shiny surfaces have been used as tools, but the black mirror stands above them all.

This complete and concise guide covers the history of black mirrors and scrying, and famous people who have relied on mirrors to reveal secrets and truth. It explains how black mirrors work in psychic seeing, and gives detailed advice on how to use a black mirror for talking to the dead, exploring the astral plane, discovering past lives, expanding your spiritual knowledge, and much more.

Follow in the footsteps of history’s great alchemists, mediums, and sages, such as John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I’s royal astronomer, who used scrying to contact angels, and Nostradamus, the famous French seer whose prophecies reached far into the future.

1. The Magic Mirror
2. John Dee and Nostradamus
3. A Mysterious Force
4. Magnetism, Scrying and Summoning the Dead
5. The Psychomanteum
6. My Visit to the Psychomanteum
7. Choosing, Preparing and Caring for Your Mirror
8. Using Your Black Scrying Mirror
9. Evaluating Results
10. Enhancing Results
11. Mirror Experiments
12. The Moon Factor
Appendix A: How to Make A Black Scrying Mirror
Appendix B: The Portable Altar
Appendix C: Testimonials
Appendix D: Mirror Lore and Legends

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Develop Your Miracle Mind Consciousness — $12.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Visionary Living, Inc., 2014, paperback, 141 pgs

E-book in Kindle, Nook, iTunes and Kobo 

 $3.99 US for download

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Our traditional view of miracles that that they happen as external forces, a gift from the Divine when circumstances warrant them. However, all religions and spiritual paths teach that we can cultivate a miracle-making power within ourselves, working in concert with the Divine and the harmony of the cosmos. This is the true gift from the Divine. Rosemary Ellen Guiley explores miracles from the perspectives of spirituality, metaphysics and science, and provides a program for developing Miracle Mind Power. Underscoring the material are dramatic true stories of miracles, and the discoveries people have made about the true power within.

Table of Contents


Foreword by Mary Ellen Angel Scribe

1. When the Ordinary Becomes the Extraordinary
2. What Is A Miracle?
3. The Miracles of Saints
4. Miraculous Relics
5. Miracles in Daily Life
6.Psi, Science and Metaphysics
7. The Power of Thought and Belief
8. Prayer and Miracles
9. Miracle Mind Power
About the Author



Dream Messages from the Afterlife – $16.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Visionary Living, Inc., 2013, paperback, 185 pgs.

E-book format – $9.99

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The most important dream book you will ever read!We can have contact with the dead, and the most common and powerful way is in dreams. This book is a ground-breaking validation of dreams that reach into the afterlife for reunions, messages, and previews of what lies beyond earthly life.

Reassurances, farewells, closures, unfinished business, the healing of grief, and vistas of heaven are among the topics featured. Real-life accounts of dramatic afterlife dreams demonstrate the enduring bond of love that never breaks, even in death. Also included are touching stories of pets that make contact with their owners in vivid dreams and visions.

Learn about the unique characteristics of afterlife dreams, their ancient legacy, their relationship to near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences, and how they can transform consciousness.

Table of Contents
1. Dream Messages from the Dead
2. Our Dream Heritage
3. Farewell Dreams
4. Reassurance Dreams
5. Life Guidance Dreams
6. Unfinished Business
7. Helping the Dead
8. Animals in the Afterlife
9. Dreams That Foretell Death
10. Dreams of the Dying
11. A Dream Journey Through Life and Death
12. Previews of the Afterlife
13. Dream Sending to the Afterlife


The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians & Other Entities — $18.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Visionary Living, Inc., 2013, paperback, 232 pgs.

E-book format – $9.99


Could a single entity be responsible for a multitude of our paranormal experiences throughout history?

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Drawing upon her decades of extensive research in all facets of the paranormal, Rosemary Ellen Guiley makes a compelling case that our interactions with spirits, extraterrestrials, shadow figures, ancient aliens, demi-gods and human-creature hybrids all involve the mysterious Djinn.

The Djinn are little-known in the West beyond folk tales of genies in lamps and bottles, but they are real and active in our world. They are a race of powerful, masterful shape-shifters who exist in a dimension parallel to ours. Humans have had millennia of intense engagements with the Djinn, who disguise themselves in the forms of many different entities in order to keep themselves and their true motives hidden. Some of their motives are not in our best interests.

The Djinn are not the only beings interacting with humans, but their giant shadow falls across every part of our paranormal and entity contact experiences, including bedroom invasions, alien abductions, and genetics manipulators from other worlds.

The Djinn are significant force in the destiny of human beings. In The Djinn Connection, Guiley explains what we need to know and how we should respond.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Hide in Plain Sight
1. The Mysterious Djinn
2. Djinn and Shadow People
3. Djinn Companions and Lovers
4. Djinn and ET Abductions
5. The Fairy Connection
6. Men in Black
7. The Watchers and Nephilim
8. Gods, Anunnaki, Angels and Archons
9. Black Death and Black Magic
10. Reptilians and Reptoids
11. The Battle for Humanity
12. Interdimensional Martial Arts

Ouija Gone Wild — $18.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley with Rick Fisher
Visionary Living, Inc., 2012, paperback

E-book format – $9.99

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For more than a century, simple divination devices called talking boards have captivated millions of people curious about contacting the spirit world. The most famous is the Ouija, whose trademarked name has become synonymous with all boards. Ouija messages have inspired writers, artists, and musicians, and have played a part in murder, suicide, possession, treasure hunting, marriage, divorce and bizarre behavior.Authors Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Rick Fisher provide a detailed examination of the Ouija. They debunk myths and discuss how horror films have influenced popular opinion.Ouija Gone Wild features dozens of true stories collected over decades, many told in print for the first time., including tales of unexpected terror: She realized she had a problem when an aggressive entity turned the planchette into a sex toy and sent it slithering up her thigh. I glanced over at the heat vent and what I saw scared me so much I dove off of the chair and refused to touch this ‘so called game’ again. I saw two red eyes staring back at me through the grate. Suddenly I was sucker punched in my stomach. The force of the blow made me slam face-forward onto the table. Clutching my stomach, I took my hand off the planchette.


Chapters include:

1  The Naughty Planchette
2  The Origins and Mystique of the Ouija
3  The ABCs of Murder and Mayhem
4  The Ouija Has More Than Its Day in Court
5  The Ouija Takes A Bite Out of Crime
6  Ouija Dollars and Sense
7 Bizarre But True
8  The Mystery of Orop
9  The Rise of the Demon Board
10 The Devil You Say
11 Unmasking the Communicators
12 The Zozo Phenomenon
13 Shadow People
14 Getting More than They Bargained For
15 A Choir of Vampires
16 Calling the King of the Witches
17 The Artistic Ouija
18 Fear and Ouija-pocalypse
19 How to Use A Talking Board
Appendix A: The Ouija in Films
Appendix B: Hints to Experimenters at the Ouija-Table

Haunted Salem: Strange Phenomena in the Witch City — $12.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Stackpole Books, 2011, paperback, 138 pages, b&w illustrations

The most comprehensive guide to the best haunted places in America’s witchiest city, Salem Massachusetts!Visit 35 places in Salem, Danvers, Lynn and Marblehead, including historical sites, cemeteries, parks, lodging, shops and restaurants.A convenient walking map shows all the places within easy foot access from central Salem.In addition, the book explains the founding of Salem, the events that led to the witch hysteria in 1692-93, the tragedies of the trials, and the aftermath of guilt and curses come true. It also explains the how and why behind hauntings – including the effects of ley lines.

The Big Book of West Virginia Ghost Stories — $24.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Stackpole Books, 2014, paperback, 188 pgs.

West Virginia is one of the most haunted states in America and boasts some of the most unusual ghostly tales and phenomena. Here are more than 100 of the best, most thrilling accounts of hauntings from the Mountain State from including:– Headless ghosts and wandering soldiers at Droop Mountain
— The Weeping Woman tombstone at Riverview Cemetery in Parkersburg
— John Brown’s restless spirit in Harpers Ferry and Charles Town
— The violent ghosts at the Western State Penitentiary in Moundsville
— Hauntings of the murdered Mamie Thurman
— Tortured spirits of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston
— Hauntings associated with Mothman in Pt. Pleasant
— Coffin riders, phantom hitchhikers, marching ghosts, screaming ghosts and moreThe book is organized by region and makes a wonderful paranormal travel guide!

Monsters of West Virginia — $12.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Stackpole Books, 2012, paperback, 144 pgs.

The Mountain State teems with strange creatures not of this world!The book features different types of crypto-creatures that frequent the state; documented sightings and anecdotes; results of investigations; and possible explanations for mysterious creatures from the perspective of multi-dimensional realities. Even if you don’t live in or visit West Virginia, it is an excellent introduction to the realm of the crypto-creatures, and how and why they appear. They are everywhere!
Table of Contents


1. The Grafton Monster

2. Mystery in the Mountain State

3. Monster Birds, Thunderbirds and Flying Reptiles

4. Mothman

5. The Braxton County Monster

6. The Yayho: West Virginia’s Bigfoot

7. Mystery Dogs, Demon Dogs and Werewolves

8. Strange Felines

9. White Things and Sheepsquatch

10. The Snallygaster

11. Death Creatures

12. Screamers, Flying Manta Rays and Other Oddities

13. The Enchanted Holler

Talking to the Dead — $14.95

By George Noory and Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Tor/Forge Books, 201, hardcover, 304 pgs

Due to the size and weight of this book, international orders require additional postage. Talking to the Dead examines the amazing evidence for the afterlife that comes from our experiments with high technology to reach the Other Side. Telecommunications, electromagnetic media and the digital, internet era have inspired researchers and inventors for more than a century to build devices for contacting the dead and other entities as well. Rosemary and George cover the advances, successes and failures, and the possibility of reliable and provable contact.One of the most exciting aspects of modern spirit communications is the ability of any person to experiment on their own, and the book provides a helpful appendix of instructions.

Copies are autographed only by Rosemary.

Introduction: Into the Unknown

1  The Spirit World is Calling

2  The Ghost in the Cosmic Box

3  High Tech in the Séance Room

4  The Strange Signals of Morse, Marconi and Tesla

5  The Mystery of Edison’s Telephone to the Spirit World

6  The Birth of Electronic Voice Phenomena

7  Who Are We Talking To?

8  The Spiricom Controversy

9  Enter the Ethereals

10 Life and Sex in the Afterlife

11 Relief from Grief

12 Spirit Forensics

13 No Love, No Light from the Dark Side

14 Skeptics and the Afterlife

15 Into the Future

Appendix: Experimenting On Your Own

The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agendas of Genies — $17.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. Imbrogno
Llewellyn Publications, 2011, paperback, 288 pgs.

This ground-breaking book details the origins, legends and history of the Djinn, a supernaturally empowered and ancient race of beings who are intertwined in the cosmic destiny of humankind, angels and demons.The Djinn live in a parallel realm and have the capability of entering into our world, where they can interact with people to suit their own purposes. Learn about the characteristics and hidden agenda of the Djinn, and how they can masquerade as some of our better-known entities, such as angels, demons, fairies, extraterrestrials, shadow people, mysterious creatures and even ghosts.Rosemary Ellen Guiley draws upon her extensive research into the Djinn and other areas of paranormal entity contact, including some of her investigation cases.Copies are autographed by both Rosemary and Phil.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Reality CheckChapter

Two: The Origins of the Djinn

Chapter Three: Unveiling an Ancient Race

Chapter Four: Djinn in the Qur’an, Sahih al-Bukhari and the Bible

Chapter Five: The Djinn Order: The Good, the Bad and the Very Bad

Chapter Six: Djinn Abilities and Powers

Chapter Seven: Angels and Demons: The Djinn Connection

Chapter Eight: Djinn, Fairies and Leprechauns

Chapter Nine: Aliens, Djinn and UFOs

Chapter Ten: Djinn and Shadow People

Chapter Eleven: They Want Our World and They Want It Now!

Chapter Twelve: Human–Djinn Contact: Is It Possible?

Ask the Angels $12.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Hampton Roads, 2003, paperback, 237 pgs.A lovely and inspired practical guide to bring the angelic presence into your life. Rosemary draws on her research and her personal experience in a beautiful work intended to foster a close connection to the angelic realm for personal enlightenment and spiritual guidance. She explains a program for advancing up the Ladder of Angels to experience the different hierarchies, and provides meditation guides for working with the 22 Master Angels of Life, higher vibrational beings who hold the potential for profound insights and healing.Key topics include:

  • The history, characteristics and identities of angels
  • How we experience angels
  • How to discern angelic contact and communication
  • What we can expect from angels
  • How do we contact our guardian angels
  • How we can work more closely with angels
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Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s Guide to the Dark Side of the Paranormal — $12.95
Visionary Living, Inc., 2012, paperback, 157 pgs.

E-book in Kindle format only

  – $5.99 US for download

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From the author:

My work in the paranormal and metaphysical fields has always embraced both the light and dark sides of experiences and phenomena. It is easy for most people to accept the good and benevolent, and much harder to come to terms with the bad and malevolent. Some even deny the existence of the dark side, perhaps in subconscious hope that they will never encounter it, or, by ignoring it, it will cease to exist.Many of the inquiries and requests for help that I receive from people concern troubling paranormal issues and problems. The media and religions sensationalize the dark side, and so objective information is hard to find. This collection of articles is an introduction to the shadowy underbelly of the occult, a resource for the casually curious and those involved in paranormal work. I have included some of my own experiences as well. Where appropriate, I have included helpful tips for avoiding and resolving paranormal problems, and increasing protection against paranormal influences.

Table of Contents
Author’s Note
1 — The Power of Curses
2 — Haunted Objects
3 — Mirrors: Doorways for Spirits
4 — The House With An Attitude
5 — Drive-By Demons
6 — The Djinn: Hide in Plain Sight
7 — Shadow People: Terror in the Bedroom
8 — Skinwalkers
9 — Doppelgangers: The Shock of Seeing Double
10 — Beware the Ghost Who Calls Your Name
11 — Dream Invasion
12 — Sex With Ghosts and Entities
13 — The Evil Eye: A Killing Look
14 — Moon Madness: Fact or Lunacy?
15 — Ouija: Good or Bad?
16 — The Risks of Spirit Bargaining
17 — Red Flags to Avoid in Paranormal Investigation
18 — Psychic Protection in Paranormal Investigation
19 — Men In Black
20 — Vampire UFOs
Appendix: Getting Help for Dark Side Problems
About the Author

Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s Vampires Among Us: Revised Edition

E-book in Kindle format only

  – $5.99 US for download

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Rosemary’s original edition of “Vampires Among Us,” published in 1991, quickly became an underground classic. Long out of print, it has been revised and refreshed with lots of new material. The book retains the fabulous, entertaining and unique interviews Rosemary had with vampires, would-be vampires, vampire hunters and vampire researchers. New material covers vampires in sorcery and witchcraft, the new vampire underground, and vampires in dreams. A favorite chapter: Vampires who come through a Ouija board (Devon and the Vampire Choir).Don’t miss out on this updated classic, and at a price less than the original papaberback! Ordering on Kindle is a separate transaction, which can be completed at the link provided above.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Revised Edition


1  They Call Themselves Vampires

2  Dancing With Satan

3  Will the Real Vampire Please Stand Up?

4  An Endless Fascination

5  Strange Encounters

6  Devon and the Vampire Choir

7  Psychic Vampires

8  Dream Vampires

9  A Night in Dracula’s Castle

10 Vampire Sorcerers and Witches

11 The Vampire Underground


About the Author


Soul Journeys: Past and Future Lives– $16.95
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Visionary Living, Inc., 2012, paperback, 245 pgs.

E-book in Kindle format only

  – $4.99 US for download

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A comprehensive, thorough examination of beliefs about reincarnation, told through the eyes of famous people in history and everyday people in modern times. “Soul Journeys” is an updated edition of Rosemary’s book “Tales of Reincarnation,” now out of print. In her customary, encyclopedic fashion, Rosemary looks at reincarnation from a variety of viewpoints and angles. Interspersed throughout are compelling, dramatic stories of past lives and how they explain and change present lives. Some of the cases are from history, some from scientific investigations, and some from interviews conducted by the author.

Among the many people who granted Guiley exclusive interviews for the book were noted authors Marion Zimmer Bradley, Michael Talbot and Barbara Hand Clow; Danny Sugerman, manager of The Doors and a close friend of Jim Morrison; psychic Laurie McQuary; regressionist Sandee Mac; Pagan leader Selena Fox; and interdiscliplinary cosmologist Paul von Ward.

Of particular note are Bradley’s past lives in ancient and medieval times and World War I, and her visionary experiences that led to her most famous novel, The Mists of Avalon. Michael Talbot, the author of The Holographic Universe, talks about several of his past lives, including one that inspired his vampire novel, A Delicate Dependency. Danny Sugerman was involved with Jim Morrison and The Doors, and describes a past life in a Buddhist monastery with Morrison. Barbara Hand Clow talks about her lifetimes in ancient Assyria and in Victorian times. Selena Fox describes her past lives with the Aztalan mound builders in Wisconsin, the Maya in the Yucatan, and the ancient Egyptians.

The book also covers views of Dick Sutphen, Edgar Cayce, novelists Taylor Caldwell and Joan Grant, researcher Ian Stevenson, regressionist Helen Wambach, and famous philosophers from ancient times, among others. It delves into the fears, phobias, and karmic holdovers of past lives, and how the past can help us lead better lives today and build better lives for the future.

In addition to the updating throughout, the book features a new chapter on spirit communications and psychophysical research to document reincarnation.

Table of ContentsIntroduction
1. Reincarnation in the Age of New Consciousness
2. Spontaneous Recall of Past Lives
3. Induced Recall of Past Lives
4. Patterns in Past Lives
5. Slain in the Vietnam and Civil Wars
6. The New Atlanteans
7. Karmic Ties with Others
8. Keeper of the Jim Morrison Flame
9. The Karma and Grace of Love and Hate
10. Phobias and Physical Karma
11. Skills and Talents
12. The Travelling Interplanetary Musician
13. The Past-Life Muse
14. Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mirror to the Past
15. Lessons and Missions
16. A Pagan Priestess Finds Her Roots
17. The Healer Within
18. New Horizons in Reincarnation Research
About the Author

Ghosthunting Pennsylvania – $15.95
by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Clerisy Press, paperback, 211 pgs., B&W photos

Ghosthunting Pennsylvania is part of Clerisy Press’s America’s Haunted Road Trip state-by-state series. Pennsylvania is full of great haunted sites. The book features 30 main sites around the state, a list of 50 other intriguing places, and sidebars on still more haunted places and Pennsylvania supernatural lore. All the sites are publicly accessible – it’s a great traveling road companion!

Faery Magic CD $10.00

An informative and practical CD based on Rosemary’s book Fairy Magic (not available here in hard copy).

The content, narrated by Rosemary and set to a pleasant, lilting background soundtrack, introduces the origins, types and nature of fairies, and emphasizes the ways human beings can cultivate communication and relationship with the fairy realm. Included are two guided meditations for encouraging faery sight, awareness and communication.This has been a popular product, and sold out of it initial pressing. Now it’s back, and at a lower price!


  • 1. Welcome to Faery Magic
  • 2. The Importance of Faeries
  • 3. Who Are the Faeries?
  • 4. Building Faery Awareness
  • 5. Riding the Waves Guided Meditation
  • 6. In the Flow Guided Meditation
  • 7. Bountiful Blessings

Total running time: 59:47

Post production by Craig Telesha.

The Encyclopedia of Saints – SPECIAL HARDCOVER PRICE $40.00
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Facts on File, 2001, hardcover, 419 pgs., b&w illustrations

List price is $85.00; Amazon sells it for $78.69. Get it here for $40.00!

Due to the size and weight of this book, international orders require additional postage.

Offers detailed accounts of the lives of more than 400 saints, each with a biographical overview, a record of religious journeys, a discussion of personal philosophies, theological influences, and mystical experiences that shaped the saints’ lives and works.

Twelve appendices feature:

— Patron Saints By Topic
— Patron Saints of Countries, Cities, Towns, Regions, Places and Peoples
— Calendar of Feast Days
— Fathers of the Church
— Doctors of the church
— Beatified and Canonized Popes
— Beatification and Canonization
— Glossary of Terms
— Calendar of Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary
— Authenticated Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary
— Unauthenticated Apparitions of the virgin Mary
— Glossary of Heresies and Schisms

The Quotable Saint – SPECIAL PRICE $10.00 (reg. 16.95)
By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Facts On File, 2002, paperback, 6.5 x 9 inches, 368 pgs.

The saints serve up their wisdom to help you through daily life. More than

250 topics range from abundance to worry and worthiness in an
alphabetically-arranged compendium featuring the insights of more than one
hundred saints. An excellent treasury for browsing, and to consult for
spiritual inspiration.