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Spirit Faces: Interview With Mark Macy

February 6, 2013

By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

c. Visionary Living, Inc.

The last act that William Dubs was able to perform before cancer claimed his life was to kiss his soulmate and wife, Tianna Conte-Dubs. As they kissed, he died, and when his soul lifted from his body, Tianna was swept along with him, down a tunnel of light, as though she were dying, too. But she was not meant to cross the final bridge with him, and she returned to her own life, completely shattered at the loss of her greatest love.

In the weeks following William’s death, Tianna heard his voice and was comforted, despite a skeptical part of her that insisted that his presence was simply part of her grieving and desire for him to still be alive. Then she got a photo of William from the afterlife, and her own life changed forever.

The photograph, a Polaroid, was taken by Mark Macy, a leading researcher in the frontier field of instrumental transcommunication (ITC), or high-tech communication in images, voices and text with the dead and higher spiritual realms. Tianna’s image was blurred, and superimposed upon her face was the unmistakable image of William. His face was clearly recognizable to Tianna and to others who were present. “I was outrageously surprised,” said Tianna. “It was the proof I needed that William has survived.”

Since 1999, Macy has been taking spirit face photographs. His purpose is to prove the existence of other realms, as well as aid the grieving. His dedication is to “The Project,” a post-Atlantean, multi-dimensional effort to bring humans back to God. Through The Project, humans will raise their spiritual consciousness to make a quantum leap into fruitful relationships with higher realms. “I’d like to see us salvage life on Earth and bring Paradise into this world,” said Macy. “That’s what I’ve been working for during the past 15 years.”

Macy’s latest research and his views on the spiritual destiny of humankind are described in his new book, Spirit Faces: Truth About the Afterlife. The book also includes 80 color photographs of spirit face subjects, and many of the personal stories behind them.

Instant spirit faces

Something remarkable happens when people stand in front of Macy’s Polaroid camera. As the photos develop before their eyes, faces of the dead and of unknown entities appear superimposed on the faces of the living. Spirit faces do not manifest every time for everyone, but when they do, they often change worldviews and lives. Skepticism about survival and the existence of higher realms falls away. “I’m forever changed because of this,” said Meme Stevens, of Richmond, Virginia. Stevens’s photograph showing two spirit faces superimposed on her face — a young man and an older woman, believed to be two of her spirit guides — is on the cover of Spirit Faces. “I have a new direction and a new purpose to help raise spiritual awareness,” she said.

What makes these faces appear? The spirit faces seem to be facilitated by the presence of a subtle energy device called a luminator, invented by Patrick Richards of Michigan. There are only nine luminators in existence, and all but Macy’s are used in psychotherapy. Macy acquired his luminator in 1999, programmed specifically for spirit photography.

The luminator looks like a large, slim stereo speaker. Inside is a Plexiglas barrel lined with rings filled with water-based liquid that acts like crystal, and two counter-rotating fans that pull air into the unit at the bottom and blow it out at the top, creating a vortex within the device.

Exactly how the luminator works is not known, but its specific subtle energy programming apparently enables the device to change environmental vibrations in a room. This creates a noise matrix for spirits to make impressions on film. “There are many dimensions that are superimposed on ours,” said Macy. “They are separated by vibrational level, not by distance or time. We can perceive them when we tune in to their vibrations, just like you would tune in a radio or television frequency. The luminator seems to help us do that.”

A spirit face photo is blurry, as though dimensional realms are intersecting. Spirit faces can be full or partial. Macy has experimented with different lighting and environments and has found low indoor light to be the most effective. Sunlight washes out the effects.

It is not known what factors determine whether or not faces appear. For example, several photos can be taken of the same individual, consecutively or at different times, and not all will show spirit face imprints. Some individuals, like Stevens, get frequent and dramatic results. The variables may boil down to subtle factors of consciousness and vibrational environmental conditions that presently are beyond our immediate ken and ability to control. But that’s one of the goals of Macy’s work — to discover how consciousness can have deliberate effect on the material, and on the intersections of dimensions.

Macy has had his own results: his deceased father, Blair, has appeared on several occasions. Some famous dead have made appearances as well as departed loved ones known only to the subjects. Among them are Albert Einstein, Edgar Cayce, John Denver and Willis Harman, former president of the Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS).

Part of a big picture

Spirit face photography is a subset of ITC, which in turn is an outgrowth of electronic voice phenomena (EVP). In EVP, voices are recorded on tape or digital recorders; they are heard only during playback, not during recording. ITC involves more high-tech equipment, such as television sets, computers, faxes, telephones and more. ITC research has gone on around the world since the 1950s. It gained more public attention in the 1980s and 1990s, along with near-death experiences and after-death communications.

ITC is a partnership of worlds. Higher beings, called ethereals, collaborate with deceased people, such as scientists, to form communication bridges with the living. Different spirit groups have been at work. They have their own team names, such as Timestream and Juno.

The ethereals are beings of a higher consciousness who are beyond form, said Macy. Some might use the term “angel” to describe them, though that label is far too limiting, and also is tied to religious associations. ITC transcends the boundaries of religions.

Overall, the ITC road has not been easy. The bridges cannot survive if human harmony is absent, for then there is no resonance with the higher realms. Resonance among researchers creates the right contact field. In recent years, infighting among researchers has caused some of the bridges to collapse.

The importance of consciousness makes ITC a modern alchemy — one could even call it the Great Work. Spiritual alchemy concerns enlightenment, the achievement of a fully integrated and purified human being. It emphasizes that success in this endeavor depends upon the spiritual consciousness of the individual.  “It’s attitude, attitude, attitude,” agreed Macy about ITC. Those drawn to ITC research seem to have innate skills for it; Macy’s spirit contacts told him he does. “The ethereals can see our thoughts and read our intentions,” Macy said. He has had to work on his own purification as he has pursued the work.

A life turning point

Macy entered ITC work as a result of confronting his own mortality. In 1988 he was diagnosed with colon cancer, and found that his faith in the afterlife was not sufficient alone to convince him of survival. He needed more — he needed proof. His research led him to meet leading experts, such as George Meek, an engineer who invented the Spiricom, a device that purportedly facilitated two-way conversations with the dead. Macy learned about electronic voice phenomena (EVP), the mysterious imprinting of voices on recording devices, which are heard only on playback; he achieved remarkable success with it. He also met international leaders in ITC, among them Maggy Harsch-Fischbach and Jules Harsch, a Luxembourg couple at the forefront of research. Most of the best results were coming out of Europe, and were documented in German.

Macy helped to form the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication (INIT) in 1995, heading up the North American chapter. When INIT lapsed into dormancy, due in part to internal disagreements, Macy formed his own groups, INIT-US in 1998 and in 2002. He has worked closely with ITC researchers, such as Rolf Erhardt of Ratingen, Germany, who in turn has helped to get ITC data translated into English.

In the course of his work, Macy’s cancer went into remission and he lost his fear of death. “ITC opened me up to a vast world — the world of spirit — that I didn’t know existed,” he said. “I’m not so immersed in the world of the material.”

Macy was introduced to the luminator through therapist Jack Stucki of Colorado Springs, who uses the luminator in his practice. Stucki’s Polaroid photos, taken in therapy sessions, sometimes caught spirit faces as an added bonus. Macy saw immediate applications for ITC and knew he had to acquire one. He considers his luminator a gift from “the powers that be,” the spiritual forces who guide him. He was led to the luminator with the understanding that he would not use it for paranormal displays and entertainment, but as a tool to serve The Project: to build solid evidence proving the realms of spirit, and to educate others.

The Project

According to spirit communications, humans are a crossbreeding between primitive men on Earth and godlike superhumans of Eden, otherwise known as the planet Marduk, which once orbited between Mars and Jupiter. Marduk more or less blew itself up with its own technologies. Its marooned colonists on Earth established Atlantis, a super civilization which met the same fate, destroying itself with its own misused technology. A group of ethereals called The Seven came to Earth to help the survivors. Thus began The Project: to help humans regain their spiritual birthright.

Macy has been told by ethereals that six attempts at The Project have been undertaken since post-Atlantean times, and all have failed due to human failings. “There has always been a struggle between the two sides of human nature,” Macy said. “The animal side is concerned with food, territory and mating rights. The spiritual side is concerned with ethics, values and services. As our evolution has advanced, both sides have become more powerful. But the dark side has always won out. The ethereals are hoping that the spiritual side will win.”

The seventh attempt at The Project is now underway. If this one does not succeed, there is talk in the higher realms of abandoning it altogether, or at least for a long time, Macy said. Some of the best ethereal contacts have pulled back in the last five or six years, taking a wait-and-see stance. “They really want all of humanity to participate,” he said. “Not just one or a few cultures.”

Thus the challenge: wake people up globally with evidence. Can spirit faces do the job? Or is the luminator just the latest wrinkle in the long and troubled history of spirit photography?

Real or fake?

People have been trying to capture spirit faces on film since the mid-19th century. Photographer William Mumler of Boston is credited with taking the first spirit photo — accidentally — when he sat for a self-portrait in 1861. Upon developing the photographic plate, he noticed what appeared to be the image of a dead person next to his. At the time, Spiritualism and communication with the dead were in vogue, and spirit photography shot up in popularity.

In early spirit photographs, ghostly faces of the “extras” float near portraits of the living. In some photographs, full-form spirits appear. But in order not to disappoint clients, unscrupulous photographers superimposed extras or created ghostly effects through double exposures. Many fraudulent photographs were accepted as real by an audience eager to communicate with dead loved ones or their spirit guides. Sometimes the extras turned out to be individuals very much alive.

More recently, thanks to the popularity of ghost-hunting books, television shows and films, the swelling ranks of paranormal investigators constantly attempt to capture images of ghosts at haunted sites. Most images have natural explanations, but some are anomalous.

The luminator spirit face photos have their critics. The blurring, they say, is caused by Macy moving the Polaroid camera. Seeing faces in the photos is wish fulfillment and the human tendency to search for meaningful patterns.

Macy states that all of his spirit face photos are genuine, untouched and unaltered. “Nothing is contrived or faked,” he said. He considers the photos proof of other realms, but leaves others to their own assessments, knowing that some will cling to skepticism no matter what. Everyone has their own “boggle point” past which they cannot go. However, boggle points do change as people are exposed more and more to new ideas and data.

For many of Macy’s subjects, the proof is personal; they feel no need to convert the skeptical. Debbie Alberti, a professional singer in the Philadelphia area who lost her husband, John, attended one of Macy’s workshops in the hopes of getting a spirit face photo, but she was skeptical that John would indeed come through. The results were undeniable, she said, erasing all doubt. Like others, Alberti became inspired to work for the ITC cause. “My inner world has opened up ten-fold in my understanding of other planes and worlds,” she said. “I have cut out a lot of fear. My purpose is to help humanity understand the same.”

Personal proof is important, but is nonetheless subjective, and thus is disregarded by science. What Macy seeks to accomplish is the building of a stable model of spiritual reality that will influence the emergence of a new science. “The ethereals want us to learn about subtle energy and how to manipulate equipment with our thoughts,” said Macy.

Once we succeed in that, we will truly be in a brave new world that will function according to new rules.

The destiny ahead

In Spirit Faces, Macy outlines his views on the different dimensional realms and the afterlife, our spiritual history, our common purpose and our intended spiritual destiny. The soul is a piece of God, the Source and Center of everything. Our common purpose is to unite our consciousness and God self through prayer and meditation, to bring God’s love and light into the world through us. Thus we restore ourselves to Paradise. Macy envisions a network of awakened “global visionaries” whose spiritual lights will be seen by the ethereals, who in turn will move ahead with The Project.

But if humans learn how to use their powers of mind, will they resist the temptation to wreak harm? In his book The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter (2000), Jeffrey Mishlove tells of his experiences with Ted Owens (d.1987), who claimed to be able to manipulate the material world with his mind. He allowed his anger to affect his actions, and claimed to cause hurricanes, floods and even airplane crashes. Owens said he learned his skills from ETs.

Hopefully, the dark side of human nature will be transmuted, and advances in spiritual consciousness will be accompanied by a collective desire to use power for good. Macy is firmly confident that the spiritual will win out in the end. “Maybe it won’t happen in my lifetime,” he said, “but I can plant seeds.”