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Strange Dimensions Radio Show

Join Rosemary every Wednesday night on her live show, Strange Dimensions, for thought-provoking interviews and dialogues with the best experts in the paranormal, ufology, cryptozoology, metaphysical studies, afterlife studies, and more! Tune in from 9-10 PM Eastern on KGRA, Miss a show? Check the free archives links below for Rosemary’s YouTube channel or the KGRA website. Shows are listed by most recent first.

Ruth Ann Friend, ET contactee and author

Contactee Ruth Ann Friend describes her ongoing messages for humanity from aliens, guides, and angels. Original air date: 05/17/17

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Nick Redfern, ufologist and author

Nick Redfern gives an update on his groundbreaking and controversial investigation into what really happened at Roswell. Original air date: 05/10/17

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Joe Burcaw, Sasquatch experiencer

Rock musician Joe Burcaw talks about his experiences with interdimensional Sasquatch, Men in Black, and aliens. Original air date: 05/03/17.

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Dax Stokes, vampire historian

Dax Stokes, "The Vampire Historian," discusses vampire lore and trends in pop culture. Is the pendulum swinging from glitter vamps back to Dracula? Original air date: 4/26/17. Visit the website link below for the archives.

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Josie Varga, afterlife researcher

Best-selling author Josie Varga talks about her latest research on deathbed visions, dream visits from the dead, and other forms of afterlife communication and experiences. Original air date: 4/19/17. Go to the website below for the archives.

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Greg Bishop, ufologist

Ufologist Greg Bishop separates fact from fiction in his long career of watching UFO developments. Original air date: 4/12/17. Go to the website below for the archives.

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Marcia J. Treadway, paranormal investigator

Marcia Treadway discusses her participation in a Scole Group-style physical mediumship circle, and the evidence obtained by the group. Original air date: 3/29/17. Go to the website below for the archives.

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Tony Kail, Hoodoo researcher

Author Tony Kail talks about the history of the Hoodoo folk magic tradition, including conjure and rootwork, and its practices in modern times. Original air date: 3/22/17. Go to the website below for the archives.

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Ryan Sprague, ufologist

Author Ryan Sprague discusses trends and developments in ufology, and what's needed to keep this field dynamic into the future. Original air date: 3/15/17. Go to the website below for the archives.

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Tim Shaw, medium & paranormal investigator

Tim Shaw gives his persona lowdown on the best equipment to use in paranormal investigation, plus the use of psychic ability. Original air date: 3/08/17. Go to the website below for the archives.

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Eric Altman, Sasquatch & cryptid researcher

All the latest in Sasquatch research, including the interdimensional vs. physical debate, from leading researcher Eric Altman. Plus, the PA Bigfoot Camping Adventure. Original air date: 3/01/17. Go to the website below for the archives.

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David Weatherly, paranormal investigator and author

David Weatherly discusses his investigations of severe hauntings, weird events in Pt. Pleasant, WV while on the trail of Mothman, and updates on Black-Eyed People. Original air date: 2/15/17

Karen Herrick, afterlife researcher

Karen Herrick discusses her ground-breaking research on the ink between teh vagus nerve and out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences. Original air date: 2/08/17. Go to the website link below for the archives.

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Stuart James & Dean Foy, mediums

English mediums Stuart James and Dean Foy talk about developing psychic ability and how to use it in paranormal investigations. Original air date: 1/18/17. Go to the website below for the archives.

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Ray Szymanski, ufologist

Ray Syzmanski talks about his research on the Exeter UFO case and his experiences working at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, where the alleged alien bodies from the 1947 Roswell, NM crash were taken. Other stories as well! Original air date: 1-04-17. Go to the archives page at the website below.

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Ken Gerhard, cryptozoologist

Ken Gerhard talks about his investigations of Sasquatch, chupacabras, and other strange entities, as well as his work on the reality show Missing In Alaska. Original air date: 9/28/16

Karl Petry, psychic medium

Karl Petry reveals some of his most unusual cases, and talk about his ability to communicate with the dead and see into the past. Original air date: 9/14/16