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Consultation Services

RATES: Sessions are based on an hourly rate of $160.

DREAMWORK: Individual consultations for understanding the meaning of dreams and developing new ways to explore dreams. Phone, Skype or in person. Minimum session: 30 minutes.

PAST-LIFE REGRESSION: Exploration of past, parallel and future lives under light hypnosis. Most sessions are 90 minutes or two hours. Phone, Skype or in person.

PSYCHOMANTEUM: Personal guided sessions with black mirrors for contacting the dead. Minimum session is 60 minutes. Must be done in person.

Lecture, Workshop and Webinar Topics

Spiritual Growth and Development

Angels: How to contact and work with angels in a variety of ways.

Akashic Records: Overview and how to access universal data banks

Life in the Afterlife: Evidence and beliefs concerning survival after death, the afterlife, heaven and hell

Intentionality: Changing consciousness to improve manifestation

Dreamwork: group dreamwork workshops using different techniques, can be tailored to formats of two, four and eight hours or a weekend

Dream Visits from the Dead: Dream encounters with those who have passed on

Dreams and Well-Being: How to use dreams to balance life and ensure healthy living

Psychic and Intuitive Skill Development: A variety of workshops tailored to beginning or advanced levels

Psychic Protection: Beginning to advanced levels of psychic protection techniques

Meditation circles: two-hour immersion experience using sacred sound, inspirational texts, deep silence, and walking meditation

Tarot: Beginning to advanced levels of Tarot work

Scrying the Spirit World With Black Mirrors: How to use black mirrors for psychic development and work, and to contact the dead

Communicating with the Dead and Spirits: Tools and technology for spirit communications, pros and cons of different techniques

Trans-dimensional Earth: The parallel worlds linked to Earth reality

New Perspectives on Reincarnation: Parallel lives and lives in nonhuman form

Exploring Past Lives: Light hypnosis regressions, can be tailored to formats of two, four, and eight hours or a weekend

Faeries: Introduction to the realm of fairies, how to establish contact

The Dumb Supper: An evening of honoring and communing with the dead (requires food service)

Honoring the Dead: Ancient customs adapted to modern times for maintaining relationships beyond the Veil.

Paranormal and Supernatural

Haunted Objects: How and why objects can become haunted by the dead, spirits, and curses, plus remedial actions

Doppelgangers: Characteristics, purposes and causes of projected doubles of humans and animals; folklore and history

High Strangeness on the Paranormal Road: Odd cases of hauntings and entity encounters, many with photographs, from Rosemary’s personal files.

Why Houses Are Haunted And What To Do About It: How places become haunted by various presences, remedies that can be applied

Solutions for Negative Hauntings: Hauntings that are difficult to remedy

Real Vampires: The human undead, vampiric nonhuman entitites, the emergence of the living vampire subculture

Dowsing the Paranormal: How dowsing can be used in paranormal investigation

The Zozo Phenomenon:  Overview of a dark entity that stalks board players, and its long history of human interference

Weird Ouija: The strange, quirky history of the Ouija board and bizarre things that have happened to board users

OTHER TOPICS can be tailored to specific interests related to any of the 60 books I have written. If you don’t see a favorite topic here, ask me.