My free monthly newsletter that features different areas of my work and news about my events, books and media. It always features personal news, one or more informative articles on some topic of spiritual or paranormal interest, and a “mailbag” Q and A of questions from readers with answers.

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Strange Dimensions is my monthly newsletter that features different areas of my work and news about my events, books and media. It always features personal news, and one or more informative articles on some topic of spiritual or paranormal interest.

Father Sebastiaan on Strange Dimensions September 27

September 24, 2017

This show is rescheduled to another date to be determined. Father Sebastiaan, one of the best-known celebrities in the vampyre/vampire community, will discuss trends and changes, his upcoming Vampire World book and film projects, fangmaking, vampire balls, and more, 8-10 PM Eastern. Website:

Steve Ward on Strange Dimensions September 20

September 20, 2017

Paranormal researcher and investigator Steve Ward joins me tonight on Strange Dimensions to talk about high strangeness, flying humanoids, and other oddities. Steve is fresh from his speaking engagement at this year’s Mothman Festival! Tune in 8-10 PM EDT on, and join the chat to ask questions!

Sonja Grace on Strange Dimensions September 6

September 5, 2017

Sonja Grace is a mystic, healer and energy surgeon with an international clientele. She does energy medicine, etheric clearing, structural and cellular healing work, and clears entity attachments and karmic issues related to past lives. She is the author of “Spirit Traveler” and “Become an Earth Angel,” and makes numerous appearances on radio and television. […]

Lunch with George Noory September 26 in LA!

August 30, 2017

I will be the latest guest in the Danheiser/Wagner Entertainment Eat and Greet Luncheon Series. Please join me, George Noory, and Producer Tom Danheiser at the Great Greek Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA on Tuesday, September 26.Come have fun at an intimate lunch setting and meet some of your favorite people in the world of […]

Andrea Perron on Strange Dimensions August 30

Fresh from her spectacular UFO skywatch at the MIParacon8 in Sault Ste. Marie, Andrea Perron returns to Strange Dimensions to talk about her unfolding alien experiences and new developments in the true story of her family haunting that was the basis for the hit film The Conjuring.  Tune in from 8-10 PM EDT at www.kgraradiocom, […]

Samantha Ritchie discusses Sasquatch on Strange Dimensions August 23

August 22, 2017

Samantha ‘Sam’ Ritchie, an IT professional by trade, has been a Bigfoot researcher since 2013. Once a non-believer, she has had numerous life-changing encounters with not only the Sasquatch but other “over the top” experiences such as coming face-to-face with a strange glowing light portal and orb hovering over the ground, and capturing on video […]

Pilot Bruce Gernon & the Bermuda Triangle on Strange Dimensions August 16

August 15, 2017

Pilot Bruce Gernon describes his teleportation experience flying into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, plus space/time warps, his Electronic Fog theory, missing planes, and the Underwater Area 51.  Gernon is co-author of “Beyond the Bermuda Triangle: True encounters with Electronic Fog, Missing Aircraft, and Time Warps.” Bruce will be on from 8:30-10 PM Eastern. […]

Terrifying Encounter with a Skinwalker

August 8, 2017

Posted by Rosemary Ellen Guiley In Native American lore, especially throughout the American Southwest, skinwalkers are sorcerers who shapeshift into animal form at night and practice their black arts. J.G. Bucklin is part Apache, and related to me a terrifying experience he had with a skinwalker. JGB: I saw the a skinwalker around 1993. I […]

John DeSouza on Strange Dimensions August 2

August 1, 2017

“The X-Man” and former FBI Special Agent John DeSouza returns to Strange Dimensions August 2 8-10 PM EDT to shake things up with his findings on the secret presence and motives of extra-dimensional beings on earth. We’ll also delve into where ufology has gone wrong on the ET presence. John is the author of “The […]

Linda Zimmermann on Strange Dimensions July 24

July 24, 2017

Linda Zimmermann discusses the long and complex history of UFO waves in the Hudson Valley, NY region, plus her ghost and stone chamber investigations, on Strange Dimensions July 24 8-10 PM Eastern, Join the chat lounge for questions. Linda Zimmermann is a research scientist turned award-winning author of over 30 books on science, history, […]