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Review of UFOs and the ET Presence in Alternate Perceptions

November 3, 2018

FATE Presents: UFOs and the ET Presence
Compiled and edited by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Visionary Living Publishing/Visionary Living, Inc.
New Milford, Connecticut
2018, 248 pages, Paperback, US $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-942157-33-5 (pbk.)
ISBN: 978-1-942157-34-2 (ebook)

Reviewed by Brent Raynes

Rosemary Ellen Guiley, the Executive Editor of FATE magazine, a former columnist for FATE, and a bestselling author of more than 65 books covering paranormal, metaphysical, and ufological subject matter, has compiled in UFOs and the ET Presence, a truly thought-provoking compilation of excellent articles that previously appeared in years past, beginning with Kenneth Arnold’s own historic 1947 UFO account in the premier issue of FATE back in the Spring of 1948. This book is a very well-rounded grouping of remarkable features written by many of the leading figures and personalities who helped shape and mold today’s ufology, providing a full spectrum of evidences and perspectives.

A full gamut of theories are covered from ET visitors, ultraterrestrials, to “space critters” with contributions from such well-known personalities in the UFO field as John A. Keel, Ray Palmer, Kevin D. Randle, Brad Steiger, James W. Moseley, Timothy Green Beckley, of course Rosemary Ellen Guiley herself, and others, covering many remarkable accounts, details, quotes and a great interview done with Dr. Jacques Vallee by George W. Earley. This volume provides a thoughtful, pretty comprehensive and historic overview of the UFO landscape.

I enjoyed Max B. Miller’s feature “The Men Who Ride in Saucers,” that described the early contactee movement and some of it’s leading figures, along with Richard W. Heiden’s “George Adamski and the Blustery Day,” which takes a critical look at some of this legendary contactee’s claims. Timothy Green Beckley’s “Long John Nebel: UFO Pitchman,” shares revealing details on Mr. Nebel, an early pioneer on the airwaves of New York’s WOR, who covered UFO and paranormal subject matter, did the first interview of George Adamski, all many years before the likes of Art Bell and George Noory came along.

John A. Keel, certainly one of my very favorite authors, has a feature on the MIB and another on Mothman; two areas he had written much about and became best known for. Gray Barker’s original article for FATE on the legendary Flatwoods Monster of West Virginia is here also; there’s Allan Spraggett’s “Kidnapped by a UFO,” covering the well-known Betty and Barney Hill “abduction” case; Scott Corrales, in “An Alien heat: Chronicles of Sex and Saucery,” covers the noted abduction/alien breeding experience described by a Brazilian named Antonio Villas Boas back in 1957, along with other fascinating sexual related encounter cases; Ray Palmer’s 1958 article “Things That Fall from UFOs” [Palmer was one of the earliest UFO authors, co-founding FATE back in 1948 with Curtis G. Fuller, and the co-author, along with Kenneth Arnold, of The Coming of the Saucers in 1952]; Brad Steiger’s “Are UFOs Alive?” details the remarkable UFO experiences of his friend Fay Clark who believed he had witnessed a living creature rather than a craft, on more than one occasion; John White’s “The Critters Who Live in Space” includes a startling story written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle way back in 1913; this to just help give all of you some idea of what awaits you within the pages of this riveting and exciting volume.

There’s much more!