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Averting Malevolent Staring

May 9, 2018
[Excerpted from Guide to Psychic Protection]
It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and no one knows that better than someone bent on psychic attack. Intense staring is one of the most common and effective techniques of psychic attack and manipulation.
The perpetrator attempts to establish direct eye contact with the victim in an unwavering stare. The eye-to-eye connection enables the attacker to make an energetic link to the victim and convey something telepathically, such as negative thoughts and instructions, and negative emotions that tear down a person’s will. The contact does not have to be sustained for a long period of time to be effective.
Perhaps you’ve felt the withering stare of a bully or someone intent on dominating and influencing you. Even when the eye-to-eye connection is broken, the effects of it can linger. If you are repeatedly exposed to malevolent staring, such as in a relationship or workplace, the effects can be cumulative.
Malevolent staring also can come from shadow people, demonic beings and other hostile entities and spirits. Sometimes their forms will have red eyes, and sometimes there are no eyes – yet victims know they are being stared at. Figures that show up at bedside, or leap upon people in bed in attack, may especially have eyes that seem to bore into victims. It may be harder for victims to look away, as sometimes the power of the gaze is mesmerizing, and it establishes an energetic link.
Break eye contact as quickly as possible and visualize any energetic links as dissolving or shattering. Take a few deep breaths and visualize the golden white light from the Source of All Being circulating throughout the body and extending into the aura, with violet light beneath it, as a protective barrier.
In some situations, breaking eye contact may be difficult. Perhaps your malevolent starer is someone you must converse with on a daily basis, such as a co-worker. You can’t always avert your vision.
There is, however, an excellent remedy that gives the appearance of maintaining eye contact. Instead of looking into the other person’s eyes, fix your gaze on the bridge of the nose just where it meets the forehead. You will give the appearance of eye contact, but the baleful gaze will be averted and flow around you.
If you are sitting, you can also break the energy by crossing your feet at the ankles and folding your hands over your abdomen, which protects the sacral chakra.
Another remedy is to visualize a thick piece of plate glass as a barrier between you and the other person. It is like a one-way glass, in that you can continue to see and react to the other, but nothing they are sending out in negative energy can penetrate the glass and reach you.
Visit an energy healer to make sure your aura has not been adversely affected by malevolent staring.
For more information about forms of psychic attacks and remedies for them, consult my book Guide to Psychic Protection, available on amazon in print, and in ebook on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and Google Play.