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Can the Stars Make You Lucky?

May 24, 2016

By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Copyright Visionary Living, Inc. 

Everyone knows people who seem to be born under a lucky star.  They are always winning drawings, contests, and lotteries.  Unexpected windfalls land in their laps.  They always are in front of the right door of opportunity just as it opens.  What’s their secret?  Are they blessed by the gods, are they exceptionally psychic, or are they mysterious masters of manifestation?  What’s more is there anything one can do to be more like them?

According to superstition, luck is a matter of fate and cannot be changed.  Today we know that’s not the case, and that there are many factors involved in luck.  Some of them we understand and some we don’t, but there is ample evidence that we can indeed change our luck.

Psychical researchers have studied luck for years, trying to ascertain its precise connection to psi.  Are lucky people able to tune into precognition and clairvoyance better than others?  Do they have more ability to influence circumstances through some form of psychokinesis (PK)?

Some years ago, an interesting wrinkle turned up in scientific research: the configuration of stars in the sky may enhance any person’s natural psychic ability, and thus their luck.

Everyone’s lucky stars

This star effect is known as the LST effect; LST is local sidereal time, which refers to the rotation of stars and constellations through the heavens above you.  It also is called the “Libra effect” because Libra is the constellation involved in the effect.  In 1997, published scientific research indicated that the LST effect seems to be a significant factor in accurate psi.

In a nutshell, the LST effect is this: whenever the constellation Libra is overhead wherever you are on the planet, your psychic functioning is likely to be enhanced.  Libra is overhead at approximately 13:30 LST.  Sidereal time is figured by the movement of stars and constellations overhead.  A sidereal day is not the same as a solar day, but is shorter by three minutes and 56 seconds.  Thus, your local sidereal time may be quite different than your actual clock time.

You can find out your LST at this website:

The LST effect made news in 1997 when Dr. James Spottiswoode, a physicist at the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, reported on it in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.  Spottiswoode studied the times of 1,468 ESP and PK trials done in the U.S. and Europe and found that the effect size, or significant results, increased 340 percent for trials that were conducted within one hour of 13:30 LST.  Intrigued, he collected data from an additional 1,015 trials and found an increase of 450 percent in effect size for trials conducted during the same sidereal time window.  Spottiswoode could not explain why this effect seems to exist, only that results of psi tests confirmed it.

Not surprisingly, the findings were greeted with plenty of skepticism in the scientific community.  But the LST effect continues to bear out. Some remote viewers work with it, and it is taken into account in various scientific studies of such psi influences as geomagnetic field and phases of the moon. A significant LST relationship was found in experiments conducted in England by Rupert Sheldrake and Pamela Smart concerning a dog that seemed to know when its owner was coming home.  And, fluctuations in the geomagnetic field have been shown to affect psi performance in both positive and negative ways, depending on the factors involved.  The evidence is mounting that our psi faculty is not an aberration peculiar to certain people, but is universal, natural and inborn — and is integrated into a complex cosmic web of forces.

The LST effect boosts lottery results

I became interested in the LST effect a few years ago when I participated in a British experiment for predicting the winning numbers of the British National Lottery.  The experiment was conducted by Mick O’Neill, a member of the Society for Psychical Research in London, a computer programmer, and an expert in astrology and psychic astrology.  The project has ended, but during its run, some interesting results were obtained.

The participants, who were scattered around the world, attempted to predict the winning numbers.  Based on their picks, O’Neill bought tickets from a kitty, and any winnings were split among the participants, who could take the money or leave it in the kitty.

Intrigued by Spottiswoode’s findings, O’Neill conducted informal LST trials with groups, and the results bore out.  He pinpointed an optimum sidereal time window, between 12:00 and 14:00, with the peak at about 13:30, and recommended that the lottery participants meditate during that time period to get the winning numbers.  Astoundingly, 43,737 accurately timed attempts to predict the winning lottery numbers matched the findings of Spottiswoode: 13:30 LST is peak psychic time.

Why Libra?

At peak LST effect time, the constellation Libra is overhead.  How would this stellar positioning impact psychic functioning everywhere on earth?  Various explanations have been put forth.  One is that minute fluctuations in geomagnetic force — even those on a cosmic level emanating from the galaxy itself — affect an organism’s orientation to not only to space, but to space-time.

Another possibility has to do with the power of group mind.  O’Neill noted that Spica, the brightest star in the constellation Libra, is important in the Indian zodiac. “It is not beyond the explanation of current psychical research that one billion people living by or believing in the importance of a particular star or part of the sky, might somehow empower the time when it is directly overhead,” he said.

Evidence exists for the mass PK effects of united minds, so this explanation has merit.

The galactic center effect

The constellation Libra may not actually be the only factor in the LST effect.  In the U.S. and Europe when Libra is overhead, Sagittarius is usually rising on the eastern horizon. According to O’Neill, it is close to the galactic center by an average of one degree.  Could the Libra significance actually be a galactic center rising effect?  Are we more psychic when we are aligned with the center of our galaxy?

Experimenting with LST

Whatever the reasons for the LST effect, the Spottiswoode findings suggest that if you use your psi ability during peak LST, you are likely to have greater accuracy and a better hit rate, regardless of your objectives. At the very least, LST-improved psi could sharpen intuition, and thus benefit forecasting, decision-making, risk-taking, strategy planning and even gambling.

Once again, you can find out your LST at this website: