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Experiencing Cosmic and Primordial Sound, and Other Aspects of the Power of Sound

May 24, 2016

By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Copyright Visionary Living, Inc.

This article is prompted by an email I received:

Hi Rosemary, I’ve been experiencing bleed-through sounds from other realities. I think it started with my encounters with ETs, which have been going on since birth. I have many OBE (out-of-body) experiences and an ongoing near-death experience where I can frequently access the spiritual realms without having to go through the trauma of dying. I often see things through my third eye. These audible sounds coming from elsewhere are starting to become more frequent in my 3-D experience — I think this is part of humanity’s awakening to our multidimensional abilities that will lead to a greater understanding of our place in the cosmos, and eventually reunion with other beings inhabiting the cosmos. Can you comment on this? — Roger

I have not received many reports of this or a similar phenomenon, though I am certain that many others experience it, too, either as a unique, spontaneous event or an on-going, frequent occurrence. Sound is a creative force and power, the method by which thought is made manifest. In many mythologies, the world and cosmos are spoken into existence. For example, Genesis in the Bible relates that God says, “Let there be light,” at the beginning of creation. First God conceives or visions the cosmos, and then speaks it into being.

Many techniques for the art of manifestation emphasize the importance of writing and speaking one’s goals and visions. Speaking vibrates and creative energy from the depths of one’s being, and sends intention out into the cosmos to join powerful forces.

Similarly, the practice of magic involves vibrating (a deep and forceful projection of sound) invocations, evocations, and words and names of power.

In meditation, sound aids such as gongs, bells, chimes, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and chants synchronize consciousness to certain levels, and often help to deepen an altered state of consciousness. Once in profound states of quiet, meditators may hear sounds beyond the threshold of normal waking consciousness, such as the sound of trees growing, or even the sound of the Earth itself, which theoretically hums along at 7.5 hertz.

Unusual sounds accompany many OBE, NDE and lucid dreaming experiences. Many encounters with a wide range of entities also are accompanied by sound. Some of these, I have concluded, are the products of transdimensional shifts when we have a breakthrough from our dimension into another. Frequently experienced sounds are humming, buzzing and ringing sounds.

Mystical experiences also are sometimes accompanied by sound, which is often “heard” on the inner planes. Sometimes such sounds are perceived as celestial harmonies and music of indescribable beauty.
I once had a spontaneous mystical experience in which I felt transported to the center of all creation, and it was filled with a glorious sound that I cannot describe and have not heard since — but I know it exists, and someday I may hear it again.

I spent a week at the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia (founded by OBE expert Robert Monroe), experiencing different states of consciousness enhanced by HemiSync, their patented beat of binaural sound waves designed to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  I use HemiSync recordings in meditation and find them quite effective.

There is much more to say about sound (for example, it has profound healing powers), and there is a wealth of information available on the internet. Bottom line, I agree with Roger’s observation that our advancement into multidimensional consciousness opens us to these types of experiences on an increasing basis.  As for contact with otherworldly beings, sound would provide a common vocabulary, a foundation for building communication.

However, we have to learn to be quiet in order to hear on subtle and cosmic levels.  Sound helps us — such as through the meditational aids I mentioned — but then we have to listen.  Sadly, the modern world is addicted to noise.  People cannot seem to do anything or go anywhere without bombarding themselves with racket.  Much, even most, of this racket is downright detrimental to health.  Sound affects the body on a cellular level, as well as thoughts and emotions.  If people were more mindful of their sound diet, they would experience a boost in their overall health and vitality.

I recommend starting a practice of spending a few minutes a day in quiet, listening to normal environmental sounds and inner sounds. You will probably find that over time, you prefer quiet to noise, and you will notice other shifts of consciousness taking place.

For an amazing spiritual sound experience on the internet, visit and bookmark Jonathan Goldman’s Temple of Sacred Sound at To see the amazing organizing power of sound on water, visit Cymatics at, the work of Dr. Hans Jenny.