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On Finding Spiritual Teachers

May 24, 2016

By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Copyright Visionary Living, Inc.

In the course of spiritual growth, we may be inspired or led to study with particular individuals or schools. I am often asked for recommendations.

There are no teachers who fit all needs; rather, there are many good and qualified teachers, and you must find the one who is right for your needs. The teacher who works well for one person may not be suitable for another. The fit depends on the rapport between student and teacher, what the student needs, and what the teacher can provide. We are likely to benefit from multiple teachers as our growth progresses, and so we should not be reluctant to move on.

The saying goes that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Often we may meet a teacher or hear of one, seemingly by coincidence, and feel drawn to that person. If we set our intent to be connected to the right teacher, and keep this focus in prayer, meditation and dreamwork, we will be guided appropriately. Timing takes its own course, and patience is sometimes required.

Don’t be reluctant to experiment, sample and validate by taking courses, classes and workshops, and by having private readings/consultations. Pay attention to the feedback from your intuition. If things look good on the surface but don’t feel right, move on. It may have nothing to do with the worthiness of the teacher, but simply how well you would get on together, and how much you would benefit. No matter how popular someone may be, if the fit isn’t right for you, it simply isn’t right, and trying to make it right will be unproductive.

Watch out for the “I” word from teachers: “I” this and that and “I know” and “I knew that.” Be especially cautious if you find them saying “I knew that” after you’ve given information about yourself.

When it comes to readings and consultations, if a teacher tells you about other people’s problems and how he/she has solved/helped them, it means there is no confidentiality — for you as well. A session should be confidential. Period.

Avoid those who emphasize the negative and constantly warn of bad things about to happen. Sometimes the tone of a teacher’s message starts brightly and becomes progressively darker as the student becomes more involved and committed. Doomsayers can be very manipulative. Especially avoid anyone who predicts death.

Many teachers work with spirit guides, and in the course of study you are likely to encounter one or more yourself. Stay well grounded and challenge guides in order to establish their bona fides, for some entities masquerade and will waste your time. The well-intentioned entities expect to be challenged and do not mind. If they start telling you how important you are, be cautious. Also be wary of teachers/healers who boast of having high-level “secret” teachers.

Good teachers will aid your empowerment and not try to make you dependent on them. They recognize that at some point the relationship will be fulfilled and you will move on to other teachers.

These may seem like simple, obvious pointers. However, it is too easy let common sense go when it comes to spiritual study, and give over too much power to the teacher and every spirit entity who shows up. If you follow your intuition, your spiritual study will be both enjoyable and fruitful.