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Power Dreaming

September 17, 2008

By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Copyright Visionary Living, Inc.

My introduction to power dreaming came early in life, while I was in my teens. Perhaps this was due to the psychic thread in my family, which included extrasensory perception, or psi, in dreams. Early on, I saw dreams as a wonderful, extraordinary experience that held great mystery and untapped potential.

I didn’t call it “power dreaming” back then. It was a term I applied much later as my dreams unfolded from the symbolic to the paranormal to the otherworldly and mystical. I have devoted myself to the study of dreams throughout my life. I have kept dream journals and done dreamwork in a variety of settings. In addition, I have studied the paranormal, alchemy and the mystical, and have developed my own spiritual path that bridges Western and Eastern philosophies. This study and dreamwork led me to the conclusion that we in the West have lost an important part of the art of dreamwork. We have become disconnected from the dream’s Truth. It is essential to regain this connection, if we are to become whole, and if we are to further the evolution of our consciousness.

Our conventional dream wisdom treats the dream as a symbolic mirror of ourselves: everything in a dream represents something about us or inside of us. While that is true, that is only one facet of the dream. What we overlook is the heart of the dream: the dream is a real experience that takes place in another reality. When we enter this reality, this dreamscape, we are able to transcend limitations of the physical world. Our dreams are teaching tools, showing us how to grow and improve. If we dismiss the dream as a fantasy, we miss out on much that it has to teach us. Dreams are the original language of the spiritual path.

The ancients understood this and many cultures around the world preserve this wisdom about the dream. But we in the modern West need to restore it. Without it, we will not be able to fully benefit from riches the dream has to offer.

We need to recognize that dreams move us from beyond the symbolic to experiences of Truth. Dreams are a straight connection to the divine heart of the cosmos. In dreams, we can receive high spiritual guidance, meet otherworldly beings, visit other dimensions, have contact with the dead and explore new frontiers of consciousness. The wisdom and insight we gain from such experiences can be brought back into the material world to apply to life, now.

This is what power dreaming is about: mastery of the dreaming consciousness in order to fulfill our great potential as human beings and as souls. By mastery, I do not necessarily mean control, although it is possible to learn how to direct one’s dreams. Mastery is wisdom and understanding, and the knowledge of how to apply them. Our dreams are teaching tools not only for this world, but for realms we have begun to experience.

We keep telling ourselves in the media that we are hungry for spiritual experience and nourishment. Yet one of the greatest spiritual experiences is laid at our doorstep every night when we dream. We keep looking for ways to connect with the Source. Yet every night, we have a “hotline to God.”

One night I asked my husband to set the clock radio alarm for the next morning. We are early risers and only use an alarm when we have to get up extra early. When the alarm went off, the very first thing that came over the radio were these words: “Thanks for listening, and may the Lord bless you and keep you.” It was a wonderful synchronicity underscoring the divine guidance that comes through dreams. God speaks to us through dreams, and here I was, being thanked for listening!

Not every dream is a “big” dream. Our dreams are busy creatures with a big agenda. Over the years, I began to see three essential levels to dreams: a personal level that relates to everyday life; an archetypal level that uses mythical symbols and carries a bigger message, and a transpersonal level that deals with other realms. As I explain in this book, a dream may involve all three levels, but primarily focus upon one level. We can go through phases where one level will be more prominent than others.

Dreaming for love and enlightenment

Dreams do more than help us understand ourselves better. They help to awaken us to our full identity and potential–that we are souls, not egos. When we are awakened, we walk the Path of Truth and Beauty. We are true to the divine laws that govern creation, and we are true to ourselves. We spend our time and our gifts wisely, upon pursuits that further Truth. We know what we are capable of, and what we are not. We know what we are willing to do, and what we are not. We say “yes” with pleasure and “no” with grace. We hear the song of the soul, we craft a vision for our life, and we hold fast to our vision through sun and storm. When we are awakened, we are constantly guided by our dreams and intuition.

When we walk the Path of Truth, we walk the Path of Beauty. The Truth within us radiates forth as the beautiful divine light of Love. The soul that shines resplendent as a diamond light of Truth, Beauty and Love attracts to it the infinite good from the inexhaustible Source.

Do you wish to know love? Your dreams will show you first how to love yourself. Until you have mastered the lessons of self-esteem, self-love and self-empowerment, how can you attract your ideals, accomplish your goals, love anyone else? Self-love is not the same as egotism, though the two are often confused. Self-love is knowing your own worth, your own divinity, your part in the greater whole. Yes! you are important. Yes! you have a valuable role to play. When you recognize your own worth, your innate and unique gifts are released. The currents of divine love flow freely through you. True self-love is humble. When we express our Truth for the sheer beauty of it, we need no superficial reward. The Truth is its own reward.

When you have mastered self-love, your dreams will guide you in loving others. They put relationships under an honest microscope. Too often we fool the ego into thinking things are all right when they are not, but we cannot fool the soul, which speaks through dreams. Do you wish to strengthen your relationships with friends and loved ones? Ask your dreams, and they will tell you.

Do you wish to know enlightenment? Dreams can help you touch the greatest expression of love, the unconditional love that emanates from God. In guiding you through the lessons of love, dreams expand the heart lotus. You can have mystical experiences of this ineffable love in your dreams–unforgettable dreams that will leave you transformed forever.

Do you wish to know prosperity? Is your life a desert rather than an oasis? Do you lack rather than have? If so, you are not following your Truth. Pay attention to your dreams.

In any situation, your dreams will give you what you need to heal, to grow, to improve, to prosper, to love. They will offer to you a wealth of information from the depths of your being, show you the dark pieces of yourself that need to be loved into light, show you the ways you are ready to soar. Dreams are wonderfully responsive–if we seek help from them, they oblige. If you think your dreams make no sense, they do–it’s a matter of understanding their language. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, you can improve that as well.

Dreams do not themselves solve problems or create magic–they provide the information, insight and inspiration that we need to do the work. They are messengers, conduits of energy.