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Thoughtforms and Seed Thoughts

April 9, 2018

As part of my spiritual practice, I have been devoting time, attention and intention to thoughtforms and seed thoughts. In esoteric philosophy, what happens in the material world starts with the creative process of thought: we are what we think; what happens to us is the result of what we think.

Our thoughts are literally thoughtforms, energy that coalesces in the spiritual planes and then penetrates the material plane in manifestation. A lot of our thoughts go nowhere and dissipate because we don’t give them enough intention. But when we’re focused, when we believe something strongly enough, the energy of thought solidifies.

Every day we are influenced by the thoughtforms of others as well as ourselves. If we believe what someone else tells us, that energy takes hold and influences manifestation. For example, if someone is is given negative reinforcement over and over, especially by an authority figure, that they are ill and have no hope without a certain pill or procedure, it can cement as belief in the recipient, and physical events will unfold accordingly.

I discuss destructive thoughtforms in my forthcoming book, Guide to Psychic Protection. Thoughtforms can be positive and productive as well. A daily habit of generating positive thoughts and affirmations about one’s self, one’s life, and one’s goals and aspirations can literally change the course of life. Thoughts, however, must be reinforced with action. As you believe, then do.

The generation of desired thoughtforms can be likened to planting seed thoughts in the garden of life. Seed thoughts take root and, if sufficiently nurtured, flower into magnificent results.

Seed thoughts and thoughtforms put the Law of Attraction to work, magnetizing the essence contained in the thought.  Seed thoughts should have as high a spiritual vibration as possible, aimed at balance, harmony, love, prosperity, health, and alignment with the spiritual beliefs and principles that are part of your life.

The most effective way to work with seed thoughts is to compose one or two and stay with them for a while, focusing on them in daily meditation. Soon the thoughtforms take shape and operate continuously in the background of consciousness, exerting a positive influence on how you think, make decisions, and act.

Be mindful of the nature of your own thoughts. Replace negative ones with positive ones. Be aware of how you respond to what others tell you, especially about yourself.  Reinforce your self-image with positive emotions, thoughts and visualizations.

Be patient. We spend lifetimes accumulating thoughtforms, and they are not necessarily going to be transformed overnight. Persistence pays off.

Remember, if you want to change your outer life, you must change your inner life first.