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November 16, 2016

psychic-spawn-cover-300dpiVisionary Living, Inc. is pleased to republish a classic novel by Ryder Syvertsen and Adrian Fletcher. Ryder Syvertsen (1941-2015) was a prolific and popular author of action adventure, science fiction, and supernatural-themed fiction, best known for his series Mystic Rebel, Doomsday Warrior and C.A.D.S. He had several writing partners during his long career. With the pseudonymous Adrian Fletcher, Ryder produced his first and only stand-alone fiction, Psychic Spawn, about an attempt to resurrect a Nazi Reich through psychic super children genetically bred during World War II. Psychic Spawn was published in 1987 and enjoyed a long run in print. Now, after years of being out of print, it enjoys a rebirth of deserved attention.

The story is a combination of action adventure, supernatural, and historical fiction with a theme that still holds interest. A super race with psychic powers is even more relevant in the twenty-first century, in light of research that demonstrates the potent capabilities of psychic senses, which are possessed by everyone and not just a select few. Technology has created a global mind consciousness that could only be imagined during World War II.

Ryder Syversten was a creative and talented writer. We hope you enjoy this rare work from his legacy.

Psychic Spawn is available on Kindle and is FREE for members of Amazon Prime. Click here.