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Strange Dimensions is my monthly newsletter that features different areas of my work and news about my events, books and media. It always features personal news, and one or more informative articles on some topic of spiritual or paranormal interest.

New in Paperback: UFOs and the ET Presence!

September 24, 2018

Compiled and edited by Rosemary Ellen Guiley Ever since pilot Kenneth Arnold had his historic sighting of flying discs near Mt. Rainier, Washington, in 1947, FATE magazine has been at the forefront of modern ufology. Hundreds of articles on every aspect of UFOs and the ET presence on Earth have appeared in FATE, written by […]

Attempted Abduction by a “Lobster-Thing”

June 5, 2018

When entities contact humans, do they appear in their true forms or in shapeshifted forms intended to have a specific effect on the experiencer? In my years of interviewing experiencers, I have heard an amazing range of descriptions. One of the most unusual of all is the case of the “lobster-thing,” which attempted to abduct […]

UFO Underground No. 3: Abductions for Alien Machine Shop 101

May 28, 2018

In UFO Underground No. 2, I reported on the existence of an alien metal, 70 atoms thick, that defies gravity when exposed to certain electromagnetic fields. The ability to defy gravity certainly explains why so many eyewitness accounts of mystery lights and craft describe aerial maneuvers beyond our technology. If aliens possess such advanced technology, […]

UFO Underground No. 1: A Genetic Marker Has Been Identified That Predicts UFO Encounters and Psychic Ability

May 27, 2018

For some time, the CIA has been running secret research programs concerning UFO sightings and contact, psychic ability and expanded human potential, with an eye to marrying manipulated psychic ability to technology – especially alien-engineered technology. These programs are highly compartmentalized with limited interaction among the units. Extensive genetic surveys have been done of people […]

UFO Underground No. 2: An “Alien” Anti-Gravity Metal and the New UFO/ET Disclosure

After a period of quiet, it appears the US government is getting ready to release more disclosure, in its latest bit-by-bit campaign to indoctrinate the public about ETs. It’s not yet certain what the public will learn, but one possibility is the existence of a metal that has the capability of defying gravity and floating […]

Joey Madia Review of my UFOs and Aliens Book

April 10, 2018

Review of The Road to Strange: UFOs, Aliens and High Strangeness, by Michael Brein and Rosemary Ellen Guiley (New Milford, CT: Visionary Living, Inc., 2018). ISBN: 9781942157250 Disclaimer: I have two entries in this collection. Also, a book that I am co-authoring with my wife about our two-year investigation of a haunted library in North […]

Interview with Greg Bishop on Radio Misterioso

Greg Bishop and I cover an amazing amount of territory on UFOs and the paranormal in my first appearance on his show:  

Nick Redfern Reviews My New UFOs and Aliens Book

February 13, 2018

The Road to Strange: UFOs, Aliens and High Strangeness is the new book from Michael Brein and Rosemary Ellen Guiley.  It’s a book which is filled with literally dozens and dozens of cases of the ufological kind. Those cases cover such issues as crop circles, alien abductions, pilot encounters, Men in Black, UFO landings, and […]

Men in Black Visit a Library in North Carolina UPDATED

May 30, 2017

By Tonya Madia My husband Joey and I have been hired to lead investigations at The Webb Memorial Library & Civic Center in Morehead City, North Carolina, that is known for being haunted. We’ve been investigating the place for a year and the level of activity we experience there is always amazing. I regularly see […]

Ray Szymanski on Strange Dimensions January 4

January 1, 2017

Author and UFO researcher Ray Szymanski talks about aliens, UFOs, sightings and abductions featured in his entertaining and informative book Fifty Shades of Greys. Ray worked as a senior electronics engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, and has spent years probing the mysteries of alien contact. […]